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Producing paper is a capital-intensive industry. Financial experts dictate how business is run to a large degree. Reducing costs is a key responsibility for a Production Manager. Rightfully so, we won’t argue with the need for cost reduction. What we do need to address is the TYPE of cost reduction that will turn out costly for our future.

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Measuring properties of your felts and fabrics is only part of the story. Once you can convert the test results into actions, your are experiencing the full benefits of the Feltest Formula.

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In order to remove water from the sheet in the press section, water must flow easily into the press felt. On the other hand, at the exit of the press nip, water must be kept from flowing back into the sheet. These conflicting demands ensure that felt permeability is always a compromise between good dewatering and re-wetting.

This article gives some background information on felt permeability and describes hands-on tools to determine and optimize the permeability of felts which are running in the machine.

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